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  • We Muslims do believe that Islam is the best ideology human race can expect to have on the face of this earth. Romans and others now, at the pinnacle of their power with all their strength and might is trying hard to prove that Islam is outdated and needs a revision just like how they revised their ‘Holy’ books. Here are some stats which speaks that they still need to continue with their revisions.

Infographic: The world's most unequal countries | Statista

The above report simply means, in Russia 1%  amongst the richest has managed to gain some wealth equivalent to the wealth of 74.5% of the total population and in India it’s nearly 60% of the total population. Visit  source to read full report.

Research by New York University economist Edward Wolff found that just 10 percent of the U.S. population owns 80 percent of stock market wealth. A sizable chunk is concentrated with the top 1 percent of earners. Read more about it here.

According to Transparency international (TI), India is the most corrupt country in Asia. The Forbes article, which rates India the highest in the list with 69 per cent bribery rate, says about India: “In five of the six public services — schools, hospitals, ID documents, police, and utility services — more than half the respondents have had to pay a bribe.” The article goes on to praise Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his ‘fight against corruption’, but says: “However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s fight against corruption has made a mark: 53 per cent of the people think he is going it fairly or very well. And it has led to people feeling empowered, as 63 per cent believe ordinary people can make a difference”. Read more here.

Official data of India gives the following chart stating the reasons behind suicides in India. Visit here for much detail reports.

Above chart tells us the major causes for suicide in India are ‘poor relations’ and ‘illnesses’. This post is not yet completed and data is yet to be filled.

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