Alhamdulillah !

All praise goes to Allah. May Allah place our feet firm on His path and May He make our end times the best of our times in faith. Aameen

No prophet has passed without facing trials from their own community. This message of truth which every prophet comes will always contradict the belief of people they are sent to.
Listening something opposite to what people are accustomed to or what their forefathers do is always heavy upon them. Usually people tend to keep closer to their hearts what they have seen in their traditions no matter how thoughtless and stupid that act is.

However dear brother/sister, fourteen centuries after receiving this religion of truth, today for most of our community this religion has again become another tradition of their forefathers which they follow or imitate without properly comprehending the message and there by not doing what is required by them. This religion has to be understood in a way our predecessors ( the earlier generations of muslims ) understood it, and for this our conscious efforts are impending. May Allah make it easy for us all. Aameen.

This straight path which has arrived to us need to reach others as well. Conveying this message to people around us is an obligation upon us as a muslim and as a human being. You are only obliged to do what you are capable of doing, but you do have a role to play. You might be quite a well knowledgeable person in Islam or just a beginner. No matter what you are, we believe at some point of time this website can be handy for you to convey the message of Islam, especially when you don’t have time for a lengthy conversation.

How can you use this website for Da’wa ?

1.) If you are having time for a street da’wa activity in public areas where people meet, then you can download the design file from the ‘Central Library’ under the ‘Da’wa’ section, which you can print and handover to those whom you meet giving them a few seconds intro, inviting them to Islam.

2.) Other images from the same section can be used to be shared as your whatsApp statuses and facebook posts.

3.) Direct link of this website can be sent to non-muslims directly.

May Allah accept this small and humble deed. Aameen.

Note : Clicking the Arabic logo on top of every page will be taking you to the homepage. The icon symbolizing 3 books shown below, clicking this will direct you to the central library.