The Message

In the Name of ALLAH, the most Merciful the most Beneficent

“I testify that there is none worthy of worship besides ALLAH the Lord of everything and Muhammad ﷺ, son of Abdullah is the final messenger sent by Him.” 

This whole website is dedicated to give you information which will help you to understand the above mentioned two testimonials and how to live a life being truthful to it. If for a moment you think this doesn’t make any sense, kindly compare it with the values with which you are currently living. Are you currently happy ? Do you think that you still miss something out there ? Have you had moments in which you asked yourself the purpose of you being alive ?

Dear friend, everything cannot be truth though all tries to appear to be the truth. Allah has given you your intellect, use it to reach the truth that which is very apparent and clear like a full moon on a cloudless night. Take the knowledge from those who owns it and not from the haters of it.

You are spending this life as a traveler on this earth. You and me will be leaving this realm very soon through the phenomenon what we call as death. We all agree on the point that we will die, today or tomorrow. After your death, when the appointed time comes, you will be resurrected, brought back to life again but this time to your final destination which will be either Paradise or Hell fire. Paradise or Hell fire is an abode which is for ever and it has no end whatsoever. Your destiny will be decided by the choice you make in this life. Either you chose to submit to God Almighty or you chose to submit to your desires and whims and that which you have seen your forefathers doing.

Submitting yourself completely before ALLAH the Almighty leaving aside your likes and desires which goes against His will is what is called in Arabic as ISLAM ( lit. Submission ). The ‘one who submits’ when translated to Arabic is called ‘Muslim‘. We hereby invite you to this beautiful life of Islam. This is a religion, a truth which doesn’t demand you to ‘believe and don’t ask’, instead this is a way which constantly asks you to use your rational and all those knowledge you have to check the truthfulness of this message.

– end of message –